‘Straight White Male’ Solo exhibition by Ben Quilty

‘Straight White Male’ Solo exhibition by Ben Quilty

藝術門 Pearl Lam Galleries

Critically acclaimed Australian artist Ben Quilty will present a series of new works in Straight White Male at Pearl Lam Galleries, his first major exhibition in Hong Kong. Early viewing of the works will be accompanied by a talk by the artist and tour of the exhibition. 

Quilty continues his career long exploration of Australian initiation ceremonies and forms of masculinity in Straight White Male, using his own experiences as Australia’s official war artist in Afghanistan, his work with the convicted Bali Nine drug dealer Myuran Sukumaran – currently on death row in Kerobokan Prison, Bali – and landscapes with disturbance and violence in their histories as subject matter. In many of his works Quilty uses a painting technique inspired by the inkblot tests created by the 19th century psychologist and pioneer of mental health research, Hermann Rorschach, to subvert and examine notions of the extreme nature of the masculine experience.


開放時間: 10:00 - 19:00 (星期一至六)


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