“Living China”, 2015 by Narelle Cridland

“Living China”, 2015 by Narelle Cridland

藝穗會- 陳麗玲畫廊

“Living China”, 2015, provides solitude and escapism as l document a concatenation of memories of East meets West and my physical and spiritual displacement of residing in an Asian destination. The portraits assume a methodology of multiple layers to unveil the inner and outer core of my complex personality – a personality etched from my personal acknowledgements concerning my state of isolation, insecurity, vulnerability and alertness as l adapted to my innovative existence in Hong Kong.

Narelle Cridland was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1971.

In 2006, she completed a Master in Visual Arts, studying painting. She also has a Bachelor of Arts in Photography (Distinctions). Cridland has successfully exhibited her paintings and photographs in Melbourne, Adelaide and Hong Kong. She was a finalist in The 6th Prospect Portrait Prize, Adelaide, and the Voices of Women Competition Hong Kong 2015. Cridland’s artworks acknowledge adaptations that have occurred in her personal life after leaving her birthplace and residing in an Asian destination. The works provide her with solitude and escapism as she documents a concatenation of memories. Her oil paintings are a combination of figurative and decorative elements using vivid colours and textured surfaces. Cridland also has an ardent interest in Art History and received a Graduate Diploma from Adelaide University.


2015年7月31日 - 2015年8月13日
開放時間:  12:00 - 22:00 (星期一至六)


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