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Outlying - Photographs by Kenneth Leung


During my childhood, as with most Hong Kong people,  travelling to outlying island on a weekend would be my great expedition to the beyond because everything was so different than living in the city proper.  The laid back atmosphere starkly contrast to the urban overloaded hustle and bustle.  The reason for such lifestyle is simple, detached from the main body of land, these islands are not accessible by any form of transport except by ferry services. The only form of transport on the island is by bicycle and on foot. 

These islands might still sound seclusive and exotic as of today. All of them are either facing urbanisation or deterioration.  Most of them are suffering from aging population where the young ones have all moved to the urban areas. After more than a year of planning and multiple visits to these islands, I hope to present the project as a snapshot of a fleeting lifestyle that is as integral as any of Hong Kong.

日期:23 / 10 - 8 / 11 / 2020
時間:10:00 - 22:00
地點:L5 公共空間
查詢:9807 0314(梁志強);kennethleungck@yahoo.com.hk
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