Alexander Rodchenko: Everything - Experiment

F11 Foto Museum

The 130 images of Rodchenko selected for this exhibition are exceptional work of art, covering subjects ranging from the city of Moscow to portraits of artists and intellectuals. The photos reflect the brightness of Rodchenko’s creation in an era of enormous changes in the Russian society, following the Revolution and an increasingly dangerous political environment under Josef Stalin.  Millions were persecuted and expressions not endorsed by the authority could lead to personal danger for the artist, his/her friends and family.  The threats never deterred Rodchenko and his desire to create.  We hope visitors could experience through the lens of his camera the response of Rodchenko to his times.  A dialogue between the artist and the visitor which “could reach the very heart of human kind,” in the words of expert Professor Philippe Sers.

2017年10月28日 - 2018年3月31日
開放時間: 13:00 - 18:00 (二至六)(公眾假期休息)

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