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Since its inception in 2015 by the Connecting Spaces Hong Kong – Zurich, a group of musicians from Zurich and Hong Kong joined hands to compose and perform new works over high-speed network.

Telematic music is the live performance via the Internet by musicians in different geographic locations. Over the course of one week, two teams of professional and student musicians, composers, engineers and video artists from Zurich and Hong Kong will join force via high-bandwidth Internet, examining new creative tools and performance formats.

To mark the closure of this week-long mind-blowing , Conflux, which features two ensembles that take place in Hong Kong and Zurich simultaneously, breaking the barriers of geography, time and space and bringing a new music experience to the audience.

Curated by: William Lane and Matthias Ziegler
Compositions by: Joachim Flüeler, Christopher Keyes, Lam Lai, Bruno Maderna, Lugi Nono, Isang Yun, Matthias Ziegler & More
Performed by: musicians from the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble & Fellows from The Modern Academy (Hong Kong); staff and students from ZHdK (Zurich)
Co-presenters: The Modern Academy, Connecting Spaces Hong Kong – Zurich
In partnership with: Department of Music, Hong Kong Baptist University

2016年7月2日 (六) <<  18:00 / 22:00

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