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Guerrilla Girls: Not Ready to Play Nice



The Guerrilla Girls (GG) is an anonymous group of female artists who use facts, humor and outrageous (but fun) visuals
​to speak about gender and ethnic bias in the arts (which includes film and pop culture). Formed in New York City in 1985, the GG wear gorilla masks in public, hiding their identity in order to keep the focus on the issues, and because in theory, we are and can all be GG who want to draw attention to the gender inequality that exists not in perception but in institutional structures.

They are internationally well known, appearing in all major art events and in different educational and cultural institutions. They have appeared at the Cambridge University, Tate (London), Venice Biennale, Walker Art Center and across the globe in America, Europe, and South America.  They have appeared on front pages of newspapers, appeared on national television as well as engage with the larger public in diverse means.  The GG are covered in a range of different media, from fashion magazines to university newspapers, and public mass media.  This speaks to their ability to reach an audience that goes beyond the art world.

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