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Murder on the Feast of St Stephen

藝穗會- 奶庫

It is the day after Christmas (the Feast of St. Stephen) 1935 and the recently widowed Lady Serena has gathered her celebrated friends around her. But things don’t work out as she’d hoped. Someone has no intention of engaging in the Christmas spirit or spreading goodwill towards all men. Fate in the form of an automatic pistol has other ideas. What unfolds is an evening of deception, intrigue, comedy, music and yes ….it’s murder.

Created byClare Stearns
FeaturingMoe Moss, Ines Laimins, Charles Edwards, Kim Ward, Chloe Grimmett, Forrest Morr

2019年12月11日 (三) <<  19:30
2019年12月12日 (四) <<  19:30

Language: English

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