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Underneath the Lintel


An ordinary day in a library in provincial Holland is turned upside down when a travel guide is anonymously returned 113 years overdue. So begins a relentless global journey for an outraged librarian, a journey that will deeply challenge his own understanding of the Universe and his place in it as he finds himself
hot on the trail of a mythical figure from Medieval folklore.

A captivating, hilarious and thought-provoking night at the theatre.

All proceeds to Sunrise Cambodia, a charity working tirelessly to improve conditions in Cambodia with a focus on the country’s most vulnerable children and the communities in which they live.

2019年10月30日 (三) <<  20:00
2019年10月31日 (四) <<  20:00
2019年11月1日 (五) <<  20:00
2019年11月2日 (六) <<  20:00


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  • $250