Gallery 27

HK 1901 Harcourt House, 39 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong 25278228

Gallery 27簡介


從事廣告與設計超過40年的Alan,也醉心收藏藝術品與古玩,他希望通過這個空間向大眾介紹與分享他獨特的生活品味與創意來源 – 從來自各地的新舊工藝品,到‘買得起的藝術’以及當代藝術的珍藏,都會在此呈現。


Founded by designer & brand consultant Alan Chan, Gallery 27 is a private-own gallery in Hong Kong that aims to promote graphic-inspired creativity & aesthetics and foster the infusion of art into out everyday life. 

Being an art and antique collector himself, Alan wishes to introduce and share with the audience his unique taste from affordable arts and crafts to auction pieces and urban rarities.

The Gallery also serves as a creative platform by discovering young and emerging designers, photographers, illustrators as well as artists. Gallery 27 supports emerging talents from Hong Kong, China and Asia - whose works reflect a strong influence from design.


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