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IL DIVO由4名全來自不同國家的團員組成,包括瑞士籍的男高音Urs Bühler、西班牙籍的男中音Carlos Marín、法國籍的流行樂手Sébastien Izambard和美國籍的男高音David Miller,他們擅唱優美動人情歌

IL DIVO is the world's first and most successful classical crossover group. The foursome have sold over 26 million albums worldwide, achieved over 50 number one records, received 160 gold and platinum sales awards in over 33 countries and staged four groundbreaking world tours. The international quartet comprises of tenor Urs Buhler of Switzerland, baritone Carlos Marin of Spain, pop artist Sébastien Izambard of France and tenor David Miller from the United States. As Il Divo first came to fruition in 2003, this year’s album and complementary concert series marks a milestone for the four singers as they celebrate the success of a 10-year career together.


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