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A3, 7/F., Khuan Ying Comm Bldg, 85-89 Wellington St, Central, HK 94768655 藝術機構/中心

Jazz World簡介

Jazz World於2001年成立,專門售賣爵士音樂軟件。雖然當時大唱片零售商已進駐香港,但Jazz World有幸仍能在市場上佔一席位,為香港爵士樂迷引進來自世界各方的精彩爵士音樂.

Jazz World自成立以來,與唱片公司、娛樂公司,以至與歌手及音樂人之間聯繫密切,在音樂界擁有廣大人脈網絡,其後於2005年開始著手在香港舉辦音樂會。2008年,Jazz World舉辦香港首個國際爵士音樂節,請來多位著名爵士音樂人演出。此後Jazz World開始定期舉辦大型音樂會及每兩個月舉行爵士樂演出。至2013年,Jazz World為樂迷帶來多位巨星的演出,包括Herbie Hancock、Larry Carlton、Robben Ford,以及帶來年青亞洲音樂人如夏威夷小結他演奏家Jake Shimabukuro、日本指法精湛的結他手Kotaro Oshio及韓國著名爵士樂團Winterplay的精彩演出,令香港成為爵士樂界其中一個重要城市。

Clarence Chang為Jazz World創辦人,曾監製多張經典音樂專輯,當中歌手包括夏韶聲及陳潔靈的唱片。Clarence曾任爵士樂唱片公司GRP的亞洲區主管,GRP由鋼琴家Dave Grusin及唱片公司董事Larry Rosen所創立。

Kieven Yim為Jazz World合伙人,在唱片業界經驗超過30年,曾於各大唱片公司包括華納唱片、BMG唱片及新力唱片從事市場營運及後勤工作,亦曾在Sony/ATV Music Publishing擔任顧問工作。

It’s 2001 and the music environment is beginning to implode. The slogan we used to see at the bottom of record ads “Available on LP and Cassette” is just a vague memory and “Home Taping is Killing Music” is a joke compared to the excessive and rampant illegal downloads. Pirated CDs and DVDs are everywhere.


Despite those odds, we decided to set up Jazz World, the record store. This was done out of necessity for there weren’t any record stores willing to stock an impressive array of  jazz titles.  The big stores had so-called jazz sections, but instead of the thrill of finding gems or classics, many would come out empty handed. As a result, Jazz World was established. 

It has not been an easy ride, but Jazz World is still here, thanks to your amazing support. We’ve moved with the times, including moving offices four times as a result of excessive rent increases or being told to leave because the landlord was going to tear down the building.

And apart from selling CDs and LPs, Jazz World began moving towards the world of live performance a few years back. With a network of established contacts around the globe, Jazz World has presented everyone from the jazz giants of Herbie Hancock and John Abercrombie to young Asian acts such as the amazing ukelele player Jake Shimabukuro, the talented fingerpicking guitarist Kotaro Oshio and Korean jazz stars Winterplay.

Jazz World has a special relationship with European jazz acts many of whose albums are sold at the store. Guitarists such as Ulf Wakenius, the Swedish trombonist Nils Landgren and the amazing Italian pianist Enrico Pieranunzi have all played in Hong Kong to rapturous applause.

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