Para Site 藝術空間

Para SIte

HK 香港鰂魚涌英皇道677號 榮華工業大廈22樓 25174620 藝術機構/中心

Para Site 藝術空間簡介

Para Site藝術空間是香港首屈一指的當代藝術空間,亦是亞洲其中一個歷史最悠長及活躍的獨立藝術中心。Para Site藝術空間舉辦展覽、出版刊物、開展促進對話的計劃,務求鍛練一個對本地及國際藝術現象和社會現象的批判性理解。

Para Site藝術空間於1996年初由香港本地藝術家創立及維持,是香港首個當代藝術機構,亦是在回歸之際的不明朗時期中,一個公民社會的關鍵性自發組織結 構。過去多年,Para Site藝術空間已進化成為一個專業級的當代藝術中心,通過各種各樣的活動和合作上,與香港及其他國際地區的藝術機構、博物館、雙年展及學術機構有所連 繫。本機構起初位於堅尼地城,一年後於遷到上環普仁街2號,現址位於普仁街4號,已有約十年時間。Para Site藝術空間歷年由以下策展人主理:Tobias Berger(2005-2008)、 Alvaro Rodriguez Fominaya(2008-2011)及Cosmin Costinas(2011- )。Para Site藝術空間多年來曾籌劃多種不同類型的活動,包括管理另一個較小的展覽空間「中環寄隅」(位於漢雅軒之內,1997-2008)、出版香港首本雙語 視藝雜誌《P/S magazine》(1997-2006),為發展本土藝術寫作及論述氣氛提供中央平台,以及2007至2010年舉辦的「Para/Site藝術空間及 香港賽馬會策展工作計劃」。2012年起,Para Site藝術空間開始舉辦國際藝術駐留計劃(International Art Residency Programme)。本機構活動經費來自機構贊助者的慷慨捐助。

Para Site is Hong Kong's leading contemporary art space and one of the oldest and most active independent art centres in Asia. It produces exhibitions, publications and discursive projects aimed at forging a critical understanding of local and international phenomena in art and society.

Founded in early 1996 as an artist run space, Para Site was Hong Kong's first institution of contemporary art and a crucial self-organised structure within the city’s civil society, during the uncertain period preceding its handover to Mainland China. Throughout the years, Para Site has evolved into a professional contemporary art centre, engaged in a wide array of activities and collaborations with other art institutions, museums, biennials and academic structures in Hong Kong and the international landscape. After the first year in Kennedy Town, Para Site relocated to Po Yan Street in Sheung Wan (at no. 2 in the initial years and at its current address at no. 4 in the last decade). Para Site has been led by Tobias Berger (2005-2008), Alvaro Rodriguez Fominaya (2008-2011) and Cosmin Costinas (since 2011). Throughout its history, Para Site's activities have included a range of different formats, among which a smaller parallel exhibition space, Para/Site Central, hosted by Hanart TZ Gallery in Central (1997-2008); P/S magazine (1997-2006), a bilingual publication which was Hong Kong's first visual arts magazine and a central platform for the development of art writing and of a discursive scene in the city; and the Curatorial Training Programme (2007-2010). Since 2012, Para Site has been running an International Art Residency Programme. Para Site's activities are made possible by the generous support of its patrons.

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