Dagvasambuu UURIINTUYA


Dagvasambuu UURIINTUYA簡介

Dagvasambuu Uuriiyuntya, 2002年畢業於蒙古文化藝術大學,2004年獲得蒙古國立師範大碩士學位,現為自由身藝術家。從描繪蒙古婦女的傳統圖紋中取得靈感,她的作品風格結合詩意和日常意象,她的畫作受傳統的佛畫,東亞和中亞的美學所影響,主旨多是有關當代生活的精神面貌的圖像。 

Dagvasanbuu Uuriintuya studied painting at the School of Fine Arts, Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture, Ulaanbaatar. 

Inspired by traditional patterned designs to reflect the experiences of Mongolian women, Uuriintuya's paintings incorporate both poetic and everyday imagery. Her paintings frequently include recognisable motifs from traditional Buddhist painting and East and Central Asian aesthetics, as well as psychologically charged imagery of contemporary life. Uuriintuya’s works have been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions around Asia, including the Ninth Shanghai Biennale (2012), and the exhibition Women In-Between: Asian Women Artists 1984-2012 at the Fukuoka Aisan Art Museum. In 2012 she was also honoured as Painter of the Year by the Mongolian Painting Association. 

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