Gedvile Bunikyte


Gedvile Bunikyte簡介

Gedvile’s practice aims towards a singular goal: Awakening to new ways of living in compassion with ourselves and the universe. The intent behind each of her artworks is to serve as catalyst for healing.
Her creation process consists of a repetitive patterning of geometric shapes, as visual mantra and prayer. These shapes are manifestations of vibrational realities that are in motion and transformation. What is seen on canvas is experienced as very real and tangible reality in her perceptual vision. This reality, a combination of form, texture and dimension, reveals an inter-connective nature, an animation of life itself.
She uses red, blue, black, white and gold colours on paper, canvas and wood. The primary colours, red and blue, are a symbolic part of the spectrum of colours visible by the human eye which frame reality.
The use of black and white in her paintings represents the dual and complimentary forces of Yin and Yang energies. The ultimate goal of the alchemic processes, Gold, represents the sun,deities and the highest stage in spiritual development.
As you experience the colours, shapes and forms of her artwork, she invites you to contemplate the divinity within our shared human experience. She offers her art to inspire contemplation, love,  action and positive change.

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