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歡迎來到The Underground! 這裡是一個香港、甚至全球音樂人的最佳聚腳地。

The Underground不時舉辦音樂演出, 帶給樂迷不同種類的音樂: 不論另類音樂、搖滾、崩樂、民族音樂、民歌、電子音樂皆有所涉足, 包羅萬有。我們更為新出大碟及演唱會作樂評、訪問樂隊、提供最佳質素的樂隊相片和演出片段、以及出版合輯大碟。

有什麼比享受音樂更開心刺激呢? 看看我們的網站, 如有任何問題或意見的話亦歡迎聯絡我們。我們很樂意將你的音樂放上舞台; 或通過我們的最新消息電郵及曾獲獎的手機app與你連繫。

多謝你的到訪, 繼續搖滾!

Welcome to The Underground - a top stop for musicians and music lovers in Hong Kong and around the globe.


Whether it’s alt or rock, punk or world, folk or synth, The Underground organises live music showcases, reviews the latest albums and live concerts, and offers the best in local interviews, photos, videos and CD compilations.

There’s no better time for new music and exciting moments, so stay a while, enjoy and feel free to contact us with any of your questions or comments. We’d love to put you up on stage or keep you posted with our newsletter or award-winning Underground app.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and letting the good times roll.

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