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Outside of the Box


Since the attack of the pandemic, people from all around the world have all been quarantined in different ways. This long lasting isolation of individuals has a long lasting impact on everyone of us socially, culturally and psychologically. A sense of loneliness and helplessness has overwhelmed us and has changed our relationship with oneself and others. What does such unexpected change mean to oneself and to our relationship with the others? How can we break open such constraints if not physically at least psychologically during this difficult time?

In arts, ‘Outside the Box’ also means breaking the constraints that were imposed onto us. The most common term we use is ‘Outside the Cube’, which means breaking away from the white cube of a formal exhibition space. It could, however, extend to breaking open more areas, including breaking the boxes of aesthetic, intellectual limitations and emotional barriers.

Under the main title ‘Outside the Box’, five groups of students from the curatorship class investigate and compose five exhibitions, which include artists from Hong Kong, Mainland China and other parts of the world, to address the issue through their curatorial composition. At a time of difficulty, the ability to break away constraints is essential.

Oscar Ho






2021年05月12 - 16日


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