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奧沙觀塘 Osage Kwun Tong

[Curatorial Statement by Rodrigo Guzman-Serrano] I am always here, in this body, in this place. The meaning of the word here is, without doubt, never fixed, but it is always referential. Here always refers to me, the speaker, the body that enunciates it. And here is always certain: there is always a here. I’M ALWAYS HERE addresses the meaning, language, and condition of being in here through artworks that explore space as both an individual and collective concept as well as embodied, physical, and virtual.

In the exhibition, the idea of being in here is divided into three levels: body, site, and location. The three levels grow outwards like waves that build and expand on each other. The body is the first space we occupy, our flesh and bones together with our mind. Site refers to our immediate surroundings: a room perhaps, or a virtual environment, which could be anywhere and anytime. Finally, location relates more specifically to our “global place” in relationship to others. Like concentric circles, these concepts intermingle and flow into and out of each other.

2021年07月25日 - 2021年08月22日
開放時間: 10:30 - 18:30(一至六)/(14:30 - 18:30)(日)


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