LIRICA - Songs in Spanish


This unique recital, presented jointly by the Consulates-General of Spain and Argentina to Hong Kong and Macau, highlights the richness of the Spanish-language song tradition, with selection from both sides of the Atlantic, from Spanish Zarzuela to works inspired by Argentine tango, as well as art songs influenced by contemporary European works and Latin American folk music.

Pablo Luna, Manuel De Falla, Carlos Guastavino, Xavier Montsalvatge, Alberto Ginastera, Garlos Gardel, Ruperto Chapi

Francesca Gerbasi - Falcon-soprano Francesca studied voice at the Venice Conservatory and is interested in extemporary performances and improvisations. She works side-by-side with a nubmer of living composers who write spefically for her voice both chamber and stage music.

2017年12月4日 (一) <<  20:00

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