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Questioning Power

奧沙觀塘 Osage Kwun Tong

For all the analysis and critique of power over the past one hundred and fifty years, not much has changed. The abuse of power persists and ways to overcome or resist it seem no stronger. We may pause and reflect on the role of art in understanding these notions of power. Through this exhibition, we are given the opportunity to see and reflect upon its persistence and forms in different eras and countries. The works included are by Jiang Zhi (2006), Sun Yuan and Peng Yu (2009-10), Joshua Oppenheimer (2012), Shen Shaomin (2007), and French Revolutionary and Post-Revolutionary prints (1738-1831, based on the thesis by Nikki Hwa).

These works are unerring in facing the brutal reality of contemporary history. They contain critiques of the persistent abuse of power. Power and authority are not negative in themselves but, rather, in how they are used. The work of these artists gives us the viewer, a consciousness of the state of things and the dynamic in the play of power. We are confronted with the reality of effects of power on people’s lives as perpetrators or as victims. We are reminded that the use and abuse of power has not disappeared but instead, continues and shapes our everyday lives in many different forms.

2020年11月19日 - 2021年04月30日
開放時間: 10:30 - 18:30(一至六)/(14:30 - 18:30)(日)


"I am Chinese" by Shen Shaomin (2007) 75 minutes
*There will be no screenings on 13 Mar, 27 Mar 10 Apr and 24 Apr afternoons, public holidays or any other occasion the gallery is closed.

"The Act of Killing" by Joshua Oppenheimer (2012) 159 minutes (Director’s cut) IIB rating

  • 13 Mar 2021 (Sat) 3pm
  • 27 Mar 2021 (Sat) 3pm
  • 10 Apr 2021 (Sat) 3pm
  • 24 Apr 2021 (Sat) 3pm
  • 15 May 2021 (Sat) 3pm
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