Prism (Tribe12/ Sub Freq/ Tuba/ Sub Altern)

Prism (Tribe12/ Sub Freq/ Tuba/ Sub Altern)

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Boston/ Detroit based producer Prism has been gaining a lot of notoriety as his career and creative work continues to expand and evolve. Within less than a year he has been awarded two ‘Tune of the Month’ spots in UK Based Mixmag, radio play on BBC Radio 1 by Skream, featured on ITunes’s New & Noteworthy Singles and also received a glowing review in British avant garde music magazine The Wire amongst heavyweights Mark Pritchard & Om Unit. Newly signed to J.Robinson’s label Tribe12 & fresh off his Biodigital Jazz tour through Europe & North America his DJing isn’t to be underplayed in comparison to his production either; playing alongside such notable artists as Swindle, J:Kenzo, Elijah & Skilliam, Squarepusher, Biome, Mount Kimbie, Silkie, & Kahn while also recently guesting on Getdarker & London’s famous underground radio station Flex FM.

Prism is a multifaceted artist. Designing artwork for countless labels, writing & directing music videos for himself and other producers, as well as creating music at a myriad of different genres & tempos, he is certainly one to keep on your radar.

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Prism (Tribe12/ Sub Freq/ Tuba/ Sub Altern)


2015年12月11日 (五) <<  23:00


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