The Hong Kong Guitar Ensemble

HK 香港九龍太子道104-106號璟璜大廈四樓B室 24988731 藝團






The Hong Kong Guitar Ensemble (HKGE) was established in 1987. We are a self-support non-registered charity educational unit. We aim at providing music learning opportunities and background for the next generation; to improve our members’ musicianship, performing skills and promote classical guitar music to the general public. In the past two decades, we have regularly performed and toured around different major city/town halls, cultural centre and dominant tertiary educational institutes within HK.

With our focus on the mental and personal development of our members with the slogan ‘IN MUSIC, WE TRUST’, we have a key role to play in advocating for our members a positive attitude and thinking to share our passionate on music education. Our ability is to positively influence our members and our young generation their lives by participating both in a cheerful life of music and musical life. 

We have enjoyed a cooperative relationship with charity organizations such as ‘Lifeline Express’ to provide help to all people in need of help. We give performances, academic lecture tour, music workshops within different charities or educational sectors in HK and mainland China, especially to schools in the rural area; we provide industry placements for tertiary students; we promote and support varies local arts culture functions organized by different organizations and mass medias such as at the Peak, we gave educational Christmas Carol performance for seven continuously days. We regularly support Art in MTR - "Living art" and attend cultural program of RTHK, TVB etc.. By presenting "Come-Together Concert" and exploring new direction in guitar performance, through which we introduce to the general public to get in touch with different culture and the worldwide classical music.

There are around 30 members in our ensemble. The music we play ranges widely from serious classical music to folks and popular hit tunes. These years, we successfully co-operate and hold different music exchange programs, master classes and concerts with musicians all over the world, including Australia, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Sweden and Vietnam. We like to cooperate and organize charity function, educational concert and master class just like the one we held in September 2012 which was fully support and sponsored by the Italian Consulate. With the national network and by utilizing our core strength, we will always do our best to benefit our young generation.

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