A.Lift Gallery - Checkpoint

HK G/F, 24C, Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong 26903038 畫廊

A.Lift Gallery - Checkpoint簡介

2009年底,一眾本地藝術工作者創立「提藝廊」,以商業畫廊姿態與營運方式,連接中港兩地迥異的文化氛圍,填縫香港藝術生態尚待孕育的空隙。 門戶開放(Openness) 締造可能,以發掘與培養具潛質藝術家,是「提藝廊」命名之本意 —— 提攜與提昇。短短數年曾籌劃的展覽五花百門,種種藝術形式與藝術家取態見證了畫廊發展。我們相信,畫廊與藝術家唇齒相依,將來風景定由雙方攜手築構,共同創建(Engagement)。同時,藝術創作乃思考與論述的過程,展覽為溝通平臺。參與討論者越多,果效與裨益越大,不論對藝術家、畫廊、文化界或公眾。因此,我們銳意連繫不同藝術領域的專業人士,豐富思考層次,擴闊閱讀角度(Dialogue)。

The A.lift is a contemporary art gallery that takes Hong Kong as its home, and is one of the very few local galleries that focus on Hong Kong artists. We feature artists who explore their position in specific cosmopolitan and urban context, and those who reflect on their personal relevance in the history we inherit and the history we are shaping. We support artists, especially young and emerging ones, in their research, experiments and interdisciplinary art making, and present their works to both local and global audience. We value works of sensibilities which delineate the complex scope of thinking that nourishes the contemporary terrain of Hong Kong art. We not only offer a space for artists to reach out, but also seek opportunities for collaboration and relationship building that will bring Hong Kong art farther. believe in the the power of art and the part we can play to make this place a better one for art to grow.


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