Another Kitchen

Another Kitchen

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Another Kitchen簡介

Another Kitchen成立於2008年,經過多次成員更換,於2009年正式命名。現時陣容包括創辦人兼低音結他手Kit、結他手Charles、鼓手Ching及主音Kimi。Another Kitchen的音樂風格以Rock & Pop為主,既有流行與搖滾元素,也會嘗試把各成員的音樂喜好納入他們的樂風之中,當中包括Blues、R&B、Funk、Latin、Fusion等等。

Another Kitchen was formed in 2008 with a current lineup of founding member Kit on bass, Charles on guitar, Ching on drums and Kimi on vocals. Their style is mainly Rock & Pop but the group also incorporates a wide range of styles including Blues, R&B, Latin and Fusion in their music. 


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