1/F Cambridge House, TaiKoo Place, Island East, Hong Kong 藝術機構/中心


港島東多年來積極地資助各種藝術活動,而過去亦曾舉辦多元化的視覺及表演藝術項目。為進一步提升藝術觀賞的層次,以及把更多世界級藝術活動帶到香港,港島東在太古坊康和大廈開闢了一個面積達2萬平方呎的視覺及表演藝術活動的多用途場地,名為ArtisTree,並於2008年12月正式啓用。而首個在ArtisTree舉行的世界級展覽就是由著名的英國維多利亞阿伯特博物院策展的Vivienne Westwood A Life in Fashion時裝設計展。

ArtisTree是「Artistry」的諧音,意思是「具藝術性的匠工、效果及質素、還有藝術的能力」。尤如樹木(Tree)一樣,這個名為ArtisTree的藝術場地,就像一個滋養藝術的地方,讓它茁壯成長。我們期望ArtisTree 成為本地藝術文化發展的資源,引進世界級優質的視覺及表演藝術,透過各類型的文化藝術活動之中,人們可以與藝術接通,全情投入並享受藝術。

Island East has been a long-time patron of art and culture and a diversified range of visual and performing art events are held year-round in the past decade. To raise the bar and be able to bring world-class art events to Hong Kong, a 20,000 sq ft multi-purpose venue ArtisTree located at Cornwall House, TaiKoo Place was launched in December 2008.  The inaugural event was the Vivienne Westwood A Life in Fashion exhibition, a collaboration with the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

ArtisTree is a pun for the original word “Artistry” which means “artistic workmanship, effect or quality, artistic ability”. Like a tree, this new venue symbolises a nurturing ground where art grows. It is intended to be a cultural resource for Hong Kong. From where, through the presentation of outstanding events from the visual and performing arts world, inspire the learning, appreciation, creation and growth of art in the wider Hong Kong community.

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