Empty Gallery

Empty Gallery

HK 19/F Grand Marine Centre, 3 Yue Fung Street, Tin Wan, Hong Kong 25633396 畫廊

Empty Gallery簡介

Empty Gallery 位於香港仔田灣,面積約3000呎,採全黑設計。畫廊獨留一扇幼細長窗透進山旁綠意,只容 一抹陽光投落玄關走道,一旦進入主展廳,頓是一個全黑空間。

具實驗性的藝術活動將填滿整個空間,涵蓋各種藝術範疇如視覺藝術、音樂、舞蹈、詩歌和表演。由Danley Sound Labs策劃的空間音效工程及ERCO達博物館品質要求的燈光系統,讓高質素的藝術作品能在畫廊中展示及 演出。
Empty Gallery樂意與來自世界各地新進及知名的藝術家合作。

Empty Gallery is a 3,000 square foot space located at the edge of Aberdeen Harbor in Tin Wan, Hong Kong. It features an all black interior with a single window that frames the verdant foliage on the side of a mountain and allows a shaft of light to enter the gallery foyer. Once inside the main room, this light recedes into a black void space.Experimental programming in the fields of multi-media visual arts, music, dance, poetry and performance art fill this void. A state of the art sound system engineered by Danley Sound Labs and museum quality lighting by Erco enable shows of the highest quality to be performed and exhibited at the gallery.

Empty Gallery is open to emerging and established artists from around the world.


The Empty Gallery is a space dedicated to the experience of art. The gallery's minimal design and black interiors go beyond blankness to create a void in which the visitor can become free of all distractions. Emptiness allows for an open mind and the transmission of new feelings and ideas. Nothing should come between art and audience.

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