Just Education Services Organisation

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Just Education Services Organisation簡介

Just Education Services Organisation的創始人是發展多元智能藝術和歷奇學習課程和活動的倡導者。我們由一群具豐富經驗的教育工作者及藝術工作者組成,致力推動藝術、教育及社區發展的結合。我們為學校及機構度身訂造課程及培訓計劃,以藝術為引動,配合機構的教育及發展目標。



透過藝術及歷奇活動,為幼兒、青少年以至機構 / 公司各級員工團隊和領導,提供最具啟發性的培訓課程和教育活動,使他們有真實的體驗和應用的能力,為個人和團體,獲得更大的成就和幸福,打造更穩固的基礎和更廣濶的分享平台。



The founders of Just Education Services Organization are from the fields of training and education. We are experienced in providing quality arts and adventure learning and development activities for different groups and organizations, locally and internationally. 


Vision Statement

Strongly believed that each has its unique and expertise. We are Committed to promoting the arts and adventure activities as a means to unleashing their potential, enhancing their ability, broadening their horizons, in order to enabling them fully enjoy the sublime happiness, and fulfilling duties to themselves individually, to groups, our nation and to the world as a whole.

Mission Statement

Through art and adventure activities for children, young people and even institutions / companies at all levels of staff and leadership team to provide the most inspiring training courses and educational activities, so that they have real experience and the ability of applications for individuals and groups, to obtain greater success and happiness, to create a more solid foundation and wider sharing platform.

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