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K11藝術村 K11 Art Foundation簡介


In K11’s continual effort to promote the development of young talents in the contemporary arts sector, K11 art village is established with the aim to nurture young artists by providing a platform and means for them to create art. This is achieved through the Artist-in-Residence Programme, which invites those with passion and a creative, unique thinking to our artist studios. The participants are able to cultivate their artistic accomplishments through our resources and networks and the programme facilitates further support by bringing the artists’ works to the nationwide and international stage of K11. K11 art village hosts open art activities and exhibitions for the artists-in-residence as well as features works of renowned artists in our art spaces to bring art into the community. We hope to render art accessible, approachable so that they would be able to enrich people’s lives to realise the harmonious beauty of art, people and nature.


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