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Mosaic是一個由不同學系、不同年級的香港大學學生組成的無伴奏合唱組合。Mosaic 的名稱是借馬賽克藝術中由一塊塊不同顏色﹑形狀的圖案所拼合的美麗圖案﹐寓意每位成員的獨特天賦﹐融合成既豐富和諧又充滿活力的音樂。

Mosaic成立於2006年7月,是香港首個舉辦大型音樂會的校園無伴奏合唱組合。自創團以來,Mosaic活躍於香港合唱界,每年於校內外均積極參與演出。2007 年12月,Mosaic於香港大學舉辦了第一場慈善音樂會。自此,Mosaic每年為不同的慈善團體籌款,為社會公益略盡綿力。


Mosaic的音樂會亦好評如潮,座無虛席。每年Mosaic都會把音樂會的收益扣除成本後全數捐予慈善機構。曾受助機構包括Crossroads、Samaritan’s Feet、Benji’s Centre、Project Little Dream、Soap Cycling及New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association。



Mosaic is an A Cappella group based in The University of Hong Kong (HKU), formed by students from different faculties and backgrounds.  The name “Mosaic” resembles a picture made up of colored pieces of diversity; it was chosen to capture the very nature of the group – coming from different backgrounds, Mosaic-ers bring our individual uniqueness into harmonized pieces of alive and spirited music.


Established in July 2006, Mosaic is the first collegiate A Cappella group in HK to organise large-scale concerts and has been very active in the Hong Kong choral scene, staging numerous performances both on and off campus.

Mosaic held its first charity concert at HKU in December 2007.  Since 2009, Mosaic has been holding full-house concerts every year for various charitable organisations: Crossroads, Samaritan’s Feet, Benji’s Centre, Project Little Dream, Soap Cycling and New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, receiving overwhelming appreciation and recognition.  With nothing but their voices and passion, they realized and pursued their dreams through organizing their debut charity concert titled <<Tribute to the TV Box>>, which was unexpectedly well-received.  Their second annual concert <<College 5.5>> vividly depicted their experience in the university. In 2011 concert <<Exclamation>> they shared their views towards life. In 2012, they did not talk about doomsday but they created <<iMosaic>> to share their experiences of using smart phones.  In 2013, they shared views on dreams and hopes via music in their fifth concert, <<Flight Mosaic>>.  In 2014, they shared the idea of “treasure every moment” with the audience in their concert, <<Fast Forward!>>

Outside Hong Kong, Mosaic made its debut international performance in the 2008 International Contemporary A Cappella Festival in Taipei, and was again invited to join the Festival in 2009.  In March 2009, Mosaic was invited to perform in the Macau A Cappella Festival hosted by Macau University.  In 2010, Mosaic was invited by Hong Kong Trade Development Council to perform in Shanghai, and in the same year, Mosaic participated in Singapore International A Cappella Championship and won the Silver Award. Mosaic also got first runner up in the same competition last summer.  In addition, Mosaic won Championship at Asia A Cappella Festival Collegiate A Cappella Competition Champion for two consecutive years (2012 and 2013).  These achievements have become a great form of encouragement to all members.

Mosaic is dedicated to promoting A Cappella music in Hong Kong, hence often appears on TV, radio, shopping malls and other major events.

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