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The company was focus in introducing productions with distinctive cross-media collaboration, from audio-visual, to media art & technology with music and dance, etc. In a few years, some overseas productions were organized and showcased in Hong Kong with critical acclaims. In recent years, the company has started initiation in bridging local artists and designers across different genres and medium for collaborations, with the aim in opening up possibility for re-considering art genre classification, and to experiment of partnership potentials among media, artforms and presentation formats.


The latest curated exhibition - Zoo as Metaphor (2014) held at Oi! is an attempt in taking an exhibition space for experiential journey of narrative and performance.

Orlean Lai had studied Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and has worked in project management on festivals, theatre productions, cultural conferences and educational projects for years. She was a member of the multi-media artist-collective – 20 Beans + a Box, and has created works from visual art installation to theatre performance. She was invited as Assessment Panelist for the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2011 (Media Arts Category) by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

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