Günther Sanin


Günther Sanin簡介

Virtuoso Günther Sanin, a violinist with a classical background, has enjoyed an extremely high-level career both as a soloist and as an orchestra violinist, skillfully shifting his talents between Viennese café music, gypsy swing and Argentinean tango.
As a humble and insatiable musician, he has supplemented the “full marks” gained in his degrees in viola and violin with Maestro Walter Daga at the Conservatory “F. A. Dell’Abaco”, with further specialization courses with just one purpose in mind: excellence.
Apart from soloist concerts, his career has included recordings, television appearances and international performances in places as far apart as Japan, the Middle East and the United States.
He has played with various renowned Orchestras and has won numerous national and international competitions.
He currently holds the position of Leader of the Orchestra with the Arena di Verona Orchestra Foundation.