Seth Price


Seth Price簡介

In Rejected or Unused Clips, Arranged in Order of Importance, Seth Price gathers unused video and audio clips left over from the production of other works. Snippets of advertisements, corporate reels, video games, documentaries, and home videos produce a kaleidoscopic journey through twentieth-century media, forming a seemingly never-ending stream of moving image entertainment. Rejected or Unused Clips was made only two years before the launch of the first video streaming platform Youtube, which smoothed the experience of consuming moving images as a digital open-source archive accessible by all. The artist’s voice-over discusses religion, technology, and the omnipotence of the internet in a mock-sober voice, while several themes—the history of experimental cinema, animation, and the spectacular mediatisation of violence—slowly emerge. The suggestive titles trigger the viewer to look for cohesion and narrative in Price’s personal moving image junkspace, but left without any clues, the video becomes a hallucinatory monument of the many stylistic currents and image flows that constitute the modern world—most of them long forgotten, long lost.

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